On Sunday, June 2 we will have one service only, at 10am, at Cole Middle School, followed by lunch, our Annual Ministry Celebration and our Business Meeting. Everyone is welcome!


The Nominations Team has proposed the following candidates, and the Elders have approved the for presentation to the congregation for reaffirmation at the Annual Meeting June 2, 2019. Members of the congregation have 30 days to bring forward any concerns about the nominee, first to the nominee, and then to the Elders for their consideration. The candidates being recommended for the following positions are as follows:
Pru Bonham for reaffirmation as Elder
Ken Bell for reaffirmation as Deacon


If you have any questions on the budget, there will be a session on Sunday, May 19 at 12:30pm in the Ten25 space on the lower level at church and also on Monday, May 20 at 7pm in the Office Condo.