Greg Bruning

Phone Number: 
(401) 793-0731

I am married to Michelle Bruning and father of Bear Pay Pay, Badger Pay Pay,  Gregory Bruning Jr. and Sarah N Bruning

Native Hometown: Northglenn to Fort Collins Colorado
Education: Graduated Summa Clean Laundry- School of Hard Knocks- USMC
Best Part of the job: I love the opportunity to learn and grow with this group of brothers and sisters, to forge a new chapter in Christ Church serving God through our compassionate outreach. 
Favorite Bible Character: Gideon is one of my favorites characters, God tells him to raise some men to fight and he shall be a great man of valor, he asks for 3 miracles including fire out of a rock and dew with a fleece, in the end after asking proof of God (brave or stupid?) he raised thousands of men, some are sent home afraid and others just sent home. Gideon is allowed 300 men to fight, chosen because they lapped the water like a dog. The end result ensuring that the victory would be and could be only accredited to God and his might and not to any other. Imagine such FAITH that you would lead 300 men against the Midianites army, knowing your God shall prevail. BRAVE!
Favorite Books: J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit
Favorite RI Activity: I LOVE TO FISH 
Favorite Free Time Activities: Outdoors is where I find my peace and happiness, on the water or in the woods!