Kim Stinnette

Nursery Team Leader
Native Hometown: Cranston, RI
Best part of your job:  I'm so happy to spend time with the littlest members of the Christ Church community!  As my children get older, I find I miss that age more and more.
Favorite Books or Authors:  I love mystery and suspense.  Julia Spencer-Fleming, Lisa Gardener are current favorites.    
Superhero Power: Teleportation, so I can avoid long car rides with 4 young children.
Favorite RI activity:  I feel so fortunate to live in RI!  There is gorgeous coastline, beautiful countryside, and a really neat capital city.  I love it all!
Person that I admire/would like to meet:  There are so many!  To name a few, Jesus, Mary, my paternal grandfather, Mother Theresa.