A Light In the Darkness

In him was life, and the life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
(John’s Gospel 1:5)
We do not believe in a God who is absent. We believe in a God who came as the Light so we might not remain in darkness! This Advent and Christmas we will explorein sermon, in song, in our own stories, and in outreach to our neighbors… 

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All In

It's Time to Choose! 
"All In!" Two words of response to the God of relentless love who calls us to total commitment!  
In this study of the Ten Commandments for today, we look at the choices we make that make all the difference.

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Prayer. What difference does it make?

This summer we will dare to ask the tough question: "Does Prayer really make a difference?” It may sound wrong to even ask! But the question forces us to be honest and go deeper. There is no subject that is more talked about and less practiced today than Prayer! 

You may want to read Philip Yancey’s great book by the same title as our series.
"Prayer is the continual presence of God!"

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Christ, Culture, and the Sacredness of Human Life

God created us in his image to Flourish! But we live in a fallen world that distracts and de-humanizes people. God, in Christ is restoring us to his image and also gives us a calling: to build communities that care for and create culture where God’s will is truly done. Foundational to this vision of flourishing is to understand the biblical teaching called the sacredness of human life. The sermons will take us much deeper into why this teaching is so vital for how we work, learn, do church, and care about the people God calls sacred!

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What Is God Up To?

The second half of Mark's Gospel takes us deep into the final weeks of Jesus' life and ministry. On the way, we see Jesus transfigured - "metamorphosed" - and we are filled with hope for the future and for the transformation He brings. We take a hard look at where doubt and prayer meet. With the disciples, we ask, "Who can be saved?" And we see through the world's values to the true Greatness in God's eyes. Of course there is that greatest of God's miracles, the Resurrection, and the New Day and new lives it ushers in!
Read along each week. Pastor Cheryl has put together some questions for reflection and application that you can download here

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The Abraham Conspiracy

Each Sunday in February, we are investigating The Abraham Conspiracy!
It will be an adventure in understanding one of the most important themes of the Bible.
It will prepare us for World Fest, for our Hunger to Hope event, and for seeing the world in a whole new light!

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Out of the Box

The New Testament letter of Paul to Philemon is his shortest (a single chapter in our English Bibles) but it packs a huge punch! It’s a very personal story that captures, in miniature, the Big Story of God that everything is new because Jesus has come as the world’s rightful king.
Paul, the slave owner Philemon, and his runaway slave Onesimus, all must truly think “Out of the Box”  if they are going to follow Jesus seriously. And so must we! 

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Advent season is here! The four weeks before Christmas will put a laser focus on the Incarnation.  Our teaching series is called “REhumanized!”  These four messages will be especially clear and practical for those new to biblical faith and the church. Here is the beautiful and rich theology underneath this series:

Our human existence and the community we share are flawed by sin. So when the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity made human nature his own and was born as Jesus, he defined what it means to be human. “Through his incarnation, Christ becomes the model who sits for the restoration of the divine image damaged by sin, yet as the Creator he is also the painter of God’s image.” (Athanasius, 298-373)

This means that Christ, who is God’s perfect image, shares that image with humankind, thus restoring us to kinship with God and bringing salvation from fallenness and sin. Because he has become human, he has made all human persons his kin. He has become the origin and center of a new humanity, a new community!    - God’s Many-Splendored Image, N.V. Harrison

We live in a broken world of dehumanized people. Jesus came to REhumanize us!


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We Are the Church

October 20 - November 24

"There is nothing like the church when it's working right. The local church is the hope of the world."  Bill Hybels
So what does "working right" look like? From October 20 through November 24, we will explore the characteristics of healthy church community. How do generosity; unity; servanthood; prayerfulness; and family get lived out - TOGETHER?
As we have examined what it means to be a Disciple, we now prayerfully examine what it means to be the Church. Here. Now. We want to explore together what it means to be the "Body of Christ" bringing hope to the world!

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I am a Disciple

Can I really become like Jesus?  Jesus still calls disciples to seriously follow Him; to be changed to be more like Him; to live with other disciples in such a way that others around us can tell we've been spending time with Jesus!
Beginning September 8th through October 13th, we will explore six characteristics of a Disciple.
In addition to reading Mark's account of Jesus, we will have several other resources available to help us dive deeper.
Don't miss this series designed to help all of us take another step toward lives transformed by God!

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